Business & Investment

Australia provides a number of visa opportunities to business people and investors seeking to migrate to Australia and establish a business or to make an investment in an Australian organisation.

This page provides a brief overview of the visas and options available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might assist your needs.

In July 2012 major changes were made to Australian Migration Legislation and Policy in respect of Business and Investment Visas. The previous 13 visa options were streamlined into 3 visa subclasses (132, 188, 888). These were placed into the "SkillSelect" program, which requires applicants to first submit an Expression of Interest, following which selected applicants may be invited to apply for a visa. Several of the new visa options are Points tested. The Business Points Calculator can be used compare your circumstances against the selection criteria for the Business Innovation or Investment Visas. You can also contact us to ask any questions you may have.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa: This visa also has several streams, and requires that you be under 55 years of age (unless waived), to be nominated by a state or territory government, plus you must meet the Innovation Points Test requirement - Business Points Calculator. Further requirements depend on the stream:
  • Stream: Business Innovation: eligibility criteria include that you must show a significant business history, have total assets of at least AUD 800,000 that can be transferred to Australia within two years of the visa grant and have a genuine desire to own and maintain a management role in a business in Australia.
  • Stream: Investor: eligibility criteria include that applicants must invest at least AUD 1.5million in an approved Australian investment. Plus have a significant business/investment history.
  • Stream: Entrepreneur: for people who have a funding agreement from a third party for at least AUD200 000 to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity that is proposed to lead to either the commercialisation of a product or service in Australia or the development of a business in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government.
  • Stream: Significant Investor Visa: this temporary visa provides applicants wishing to invest a significant amount in Australia, AUD $5 million, a pathway to permanent residence. It recognises the other commitments of business people as well as the significant investment in Australia undertaken the eligibility requirements are relaxed and generous, e.g. age, residence, no points test. For further information go to Significant Investor Visa.

The three streams of this visa offer a pathway to the Business Innovation and Investment permanent residence visa assuming the obligations of the temporary visa are met.

Business Talent Visa: This visa has two streams and requires that you be under 55 years of age (unless waived) and to be nominated by a state or territory government, plus:

  • Stream One: Business History: aimed at business owners wishing to undertake a major management role in a new, or existing business or investment, in Australia. Application for this visa is by invitation only, after submission of an Expression of Interest. Visas applicants must fulfil eligibility requirements, requires personal and business assets of AUD1.5 million, and for the business visa a minimum business turnover of AUD3 million
  • Stream Two: Venture Capital Entrepreneur: applicants must have obtained at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital firm for a promising high value business idea.
Business Innovation and Investment: this visa is the second stage of the temporary Business Innovation and Investment Visa. To apply for this visa you must meet the eligibility requirements including:
  • being the main holder of a provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa
  • be nominated by an Australian state or territory.
  • have met all the requirements of the qualifying visa

Investor Retirement: This visa was removed from the visa options as of July 2018.

This page provides a brief overview of the visas and options available. Please feel free to Contact us to discuss how we might assist your needs.