Skilled Points Calculator

If you are wishing to migrate to Australia as a skilled independent visa holder you must nominate an occupation on the consolidated skilled occupations list, plus you will need to meet the relevant selection criteria for the visa. One set of criteria that you must meet is obtaining a minimum score of 65 points in respect of selected personal, qualification and experience criteria.

Please note that the point's calculator should be used as a basic guide only. There are other criteria an applicant must meet in addition to the points test. Plus, your skills and qualifications must be examined against the full definition of these criteria.

Further, whilst meeting the required selection criteria and obtaining a score of 65 points will enable you to submit an Expression of Interest this does not automatically result in an invitation to apply. The Expression of Interest is a competitive system with certain applications being provided priority processing. How long it takes before you are invited to apply depends upon a number of factors and depending upon your circumstances different strategies might be considered to increase your likelihood of selection for invite from the EOI pool of interested applicants. For example some high demand occupations are invited on a pro-rata basis relating to the occupation quota for that year . EOI submissions can potentially remain in the pool for a period of up to 2 years.

Please note: When submitting a visa application it is essential that you can substantiate the actual of points as claimed, if not your application will be refused. Occupations on the STSOL may require some form of sponsorship.

Below is a Points Calculator.

To be eligible for one of the Independent Skilled Visas your occupation must be listed on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL, Note- some CSOL occupations require sponsorship). Follow this link for the Occupations Lists (dated July 2017) Please provide your occupation title, as per the attached list.
What is your age (note that your age will be fixed at the time of application - not the expression of interest). Note as of 1st July 2017 the maximum age to apply for a Skilled Independent visa will reduce to 44.
What is your English Language ability? If you have a passport from one of the following countries you are exempt from taking an IELTS, or OET, exam (UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, USA).
The number of years of Skilled Employment undertaken outside Australia in the previous 10 years. (NB skilled = after qualifying as 'skilled' in your nominated occupation)
Skilled employment undertaken in Australia in the previous 10 years. NB the total points score for Skilled employment inside and outside Australia cannot equal more than 20.
Do you hold one of the following qualifications, completed in Australia or an award an overseas qualification of a recognised standard. (NB Diploma's or trade qualifications must be completed in Australia or be recognised be recognised by the skills assessing authority).
Have you been awarded one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications course or courses at an Australian educational institution? (NB courses registered with CRICOS of requiring two or more academic years or study)
(After 10 Sept 2016) Have you completed an eligible Doctorate or Masters by Research at an Australian educational institution (CRICOS)? Eligible courses
Are you eligible for, or have you obtained, State/Territory or Designated Area sponsorship? Whilst it initially only providing a temporary visa Designated Area sponsorship may be an option for indidividuals otherwise unable to meet the points requirement. Have you obtained sponsorship by State, Territory or by an eligible family member, to reside and work in a specified/designated area?
Have you studies in a Regional or low population growth area within Australia?
If you have a partner is their occupation on the Skilled Occupation List? You may be eligible to obtain additional points depending upon the occupation and their eligibility. Follow this link for the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List .
Have you undertaken a 'Professional Year' on a gazetted professional course (eligible occupations only).
Have you obtained a NAATI qualification in a credentialled community language
Please provide a name
Please provide your Email address and we will send an email confirming your Points Score.
If you would like us to contact you this way, please let us know what country you are in and we will email to arrange a time.