Graduate Work Visa

The Temporary Graduate work visa is aimed at providing international students, who have recently completed their studies in Australia, with a temporary visa to gain skilled work experience and/or improve their English language skills. Offering two options the Graduate Work stream or the new Post-Study Work stream, a holder of this visa may apply for a permanent residence at any time they become eligible. The visa may assist some recent graduates, who do not initially meet the points or eligibility criteria for a permanent General Skilled Migration visa, to remain in Australia for a further period of time in order to meet those requirements.

Depending upon their area of study, students, who have studied in Australia, may be eligible to apply for a subclass 485 visa through either the Graduate Work stream or the Post-Study Work stream, depending on their individual circumstances.

Additional year In an initiative to provide an incentive for international students to study and live in regional eligible 485 visa holders may be eligible to apply for an additional Temporary Graduate visa providing an extra year of post-study work rights where they:

  • graduate from the regional campus of a registered university or institution with a higher education or postgraduate qualification; and
  • maintain ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa
This second Temporary Graduate visa requires ongoing residence in a regional area. For this visa the definition of 'regional Australia' is the same as for the skilled visa options: all of Australia except for Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Students need to graduate from a regional campus and then spend at least two years residing in a regional area to qualify for this option. The department have advised that this additional Temporary Graduate visa will be available to graduates as of 2021.

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As with all Australian visa applications applicants will be required to meet the selection criteria for the visa and the relevant stream:

Common Selection Requirements to both streams
  • Age
  • English Language
  • 2 years eligible Australian study in the previous 6 months
  • Eligible current visa
  • Health and Character
  • Location
Post-study Work Stream Please note that with Post-Study Work Stream applicants are not required to nominate an occupation. Individuals who are considering using this visa as a pathway to PR, especially if their occupation is not one recognised as in shortage, should be aware that this is not a guaranteed route to PR and should examine their options carefully.
  • The completed course must be an eligible degree level qualifications (Degree / Masters / Doctorate)
  • Only available to students who applied for their first student visa after 5th November 2011
  • Duration of temporary visa
    • Degree - 2 years
    • Masters - 3 years
    • Doctorate - 4 years

If you do not meet the requirements for the Post-study work stream you may still be eligible to apply for a temporary graduate visa through the graduate work stream.

Graduate Work Stream The Graduate Work stream subclass 485 visa currently allows international students who graduate with skills and qualifications, related to an occupation in demand to remain in Australia for an additional 18 months.
  • The course/courses must have resulted in a (Trade qualification / Diploma / Degree)
  • Eligible nominated occupation
  • Qualification must be closely related to nominated occupation
  • Requires a skills assessment
  • partners and dependent family members may be included in the application

Taylor Made Immigration can provide professional assistance and advice to interested graduates with managing their visa application process. For further advice on whether you would be eligible for this visa contact Tee.