Business / Investor Points Calculator

These visas have been incorporated into SkillSelect Program requiring an Expression Of Interest to be lodged, eligibility determined through a Points Test and invitation from a State or Territory.

In order to submit an Expression of Interest for this visa individuals must obtain a score of at least 65 Points. A Points Calculator for the Business Innovation or Investor Visa options is provided below.

This page provides a brief overview of the visas and options available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might assist your needs.

Please state which Visa are you interested in applying for?
Please select your age group. If you are over 55 you will only be able to qualify under exceptional circumstances.
What is your level of English Language, Vocational = IELTS 5+ and Proficient = IELTS 7+.
What is your highest level of Qualification. Please note this must either be an Australian Qualification, or a recognised International Bachelor degree.
Points are awarded for either Business or Investment Experience (not both or a combination), depending upon the type of visa.
Business applicants must have minimum net business and personal assets of AUD800 000, and investor stream applicants must have net business and personal assets of over AUD2.25 million.
Business Turnover is only relevant to Business Visa applicants. Investor applicants should tick Investor and move to the next section.
Select the options that apply (hold Ctrl to select more than one).
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